Was I the only one that understood (or possibly misunderstood) Valka when she said she was “Out of practice”?

She was referring to Stoick’s touch and not her cooking skills.

Am I wrong in this?

when she said out of practice she meant preparing the food. She hasn’t done it for 20 years because she straight up ate it out of Cloudjumper’s mouth when they shared their food. 


"Are ya gonna eat that?"


She just gobbles them right up. It’s pretty gross……and impressive.




The Chief has Awakened. 

Okay so I have an idea on what the 3rd movie will open up on.

Is Hiccup chewing Astrid’s hair in his sleep? Because I approve of this headcanon highly.

Yes he is~!

edge-of-bizarre asked:

Oh my god, I've said it before, I'll say it again, your art. Your style. God, I just wanted to say that and I hope you're doing well!! :*

Ahhhh I am not answering these asks fast enough!! haha!

Super hugs to you, friend!! 

Your encouraging words have been super sweet! And I am so glad you are enjoying my stuff!  (your last message was not cheesy! It made me happy!) I am pulling on through for you guys! Thank you!